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French Language and Cultures

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(courtesy of Russ Bowling Flickr)


Welcome to "French Language and Cultures"!  In this course, we will be exploring the French language while learning about the cultures of Francophone countries around the world.  We will be accomplishing this through the use of multimedia (e.g. videos, music, images), current events, articles, and other French literature. 


The course will be taking place in Moodle, an open-source learning management system.  This course will be provided in an asynchronous format, thus no live discussions nor classes will be scheduled.  Students work at their own pace and are free to post questions and answers in the discussions forums.  The course duration is about 10 - 12 weeks in length (roughly 1 week per topic).  However, students can choose to complete course readings and assignments sooner or later than the provided timeline.


Please refer to the course syllabus for details around what you will be learning.


Bernadette Rego

Course Instructor/Facilitator








Topic Session Name Learning Objectives
1 Les salutations (Greetings)

-learn how to greet individuals or groups of individuals

-ask people how they are doing

-learn different ways to say goodbye

Les salutations exercices


2 Les professions (Professions)

-learn French names for various professions

-learn how to describe someone's profession in a sentence

-learn the gender distinction in some professional titles

-Les professions exercices


3 La famille et la maison (Family and Home)

-learn the French names for family members

-learn vocabulary relating to the home

-create a Voki describing your family OR

-create a Voki describing your home

4 Les loisirs (Hobbies)

-learn the French names for hobbies

-learn the different sentence structures in describing musical hobbies vs. sports hobbies

-learn about popular hobbies in Francophone countries

-Les loisirs exercices


5 Les nombres (Numbers)

-learn the numbers from 0 to 1 million

-learn the gender distinction in the number "1"

-Les nombres exercices


6 L'alphabet -learn the letters of the alphabet in French

-L'alphabet exercices


7 En vacances (On Holidays)

-travel (via webquest) to a Francophone country of your choice while:

a) learning how to ask for directions

b) learning how to book a hotel

c)  learning about major tourist attractions in your visiting country of choice


-Webquest Activities
8 Les couleurs (Colors)

-learn the French names for colors

-learn about the gender distinction in how you spell a color name

-Les couleurs exercices


9 Les aliments et boissons (Food and Drink)

-learn how to say names of foods and drinks in French

-learn about some of the favorite foods in Francophone countries

-Les aliments et boissons exercices


À l'épicerie (At the Grocery Store)

-learn vocabulary pertaining to the grocery store

-learn about grocery stores in Francophone countries

- create a Voki describing what you purchased at a grocery store

Au restaurant

-learn vocabulary pertaining to dining in a restaurant

-learn about restaurants in Francophone countries

- create a menu for a restaurant in a Francophone country
12 Les fêtes et célébrations (Holidays and Celebrations) -learn about the common holidays and celebrations in Francophone countries -create a Voki describing a holiday or celebration in a Francophone country of your choice



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